After spending the summer at home enduring record drought, heat, and wildfires, we have very itchy feet. The road is calling and fall is our favorite time of year to travel. Kids return to school, crowds subside, wildfire smoke begins to fade, temperatures moderate, and fall colors brighten the landscape. Before any extended trip, there is much to do. While the following is not an exhaustive list, it will give you an idea of what life looks like as we prepare for extended travels.

Two wildfires within sight of our house burned ~200,000 acres

RV & Tow Vehicle Preparation

  • Fill propane tanks
  • Ensure regular maintenance is up-to-date (RV and truck)
  • Give RV and truck a bath (inside and out)
  • Pack everything we’ll need for months on the road
  • Stock up on groceries, toiletries, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, etc.
Prepping the truck and ORV for the road

House Preparation & Miscellaneous

  • Wrap up house renovation projects
  • Forward mail and stop garbage, internet, newspaper, & streaming tv services
  • Prepare house for the first freeze (winterize fountain, disconnect hoses, change furnace filters, schedule sprinkler system blow out, etc.)
  • Activate our support system (house sitters & neighborhood watch)
  • Ensure we are up-to-date on all medical/dental/vision needs
  • Ensure Indy is up-to-date on his vet care needs

Time With Family & Friends

Every bit as important as all the preparation is saying goodbye to family and friends. This is the bittersweet part of extended travels. Email and social media help us to stay in contact, but we sure do miss everyone when we are away!

Trip Planning

For us Type As, planning is half the fun of any trip. For our fall 2019 trip, I tried planning less and going with the flow more…turns out I’m not really a go with the flow type of person (which wasn’t terribly shocking). We do, however, love that our current lifestyle allows us to change plans as the mood strikes us or as life steers us.

I’ve had my nose in my laptop all summer planning our fall 2021 travels and I think it will be our best adventure yet. We will make a roughly 5,000 mile loop across 12 states visiting 17 state parks & 30 national park units, fishing, hiking, kayaking, biking, and sampling local cuisine & treats. While a few destinations are repeats, most will be new to us. We hope you’ll join us!

Our 2021 fall adventures will take us on a 5,000 mile loop across 12 states

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  1. I am looking forward to every place you two will take us! By what you show and tell us! Be Safe! Love you both! <3

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